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Share Your Favorite Park

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By camping.guide

Share Your Favorite Park

Taken at Mather Point, South Rim GC - 1972

My Favorite Park

I'm torn between Grand Canyon and Sequoia.

Why It's My Favorite Park

Grand Canyon: I had the great fortune to live on the south rim for nearly 2 years. I've seen wonders beyond description and certainly unimaginable. Standing on the rim, gazing out across the immense expanse of rock formations, it can be described in a single word: extraordinary!

Sequoia: I also lived here through all of its seasons. It too is extraordinary! It's hard to imagine standing at the base of a tree and not being able to see the top. The forest itself is very mystical and certainly full of earth spirits. Winter turns the sequoia trees into spectacles of snow. I experienced several 8+ foot snowfalls. What a sight!


  • Everyone should spend time in both of these parks.

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