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State Park Entrance Passes


New Mexico State Parks

Cimarron Canyon State Park, New Mexico
© Nicholas T via Flickr

New Mexico offers an annual permit for both day use and for camping. The later is offered to both residents and non-residents. Both passes may be purchased in person at any state park.

New York State Parks

Niagara Falls, New York
© laffy4k via Flickr

New York State offers a "Empire Passport", which is an annual park that offers unlimited day-use vehicle entry to most of New York's State parks and recreational facilities. The Empire Passport is available for purchase online and at state park regional offices.

North Carolina State Parks

Jockey Ridge State Park, North Carolina
© Beadmobile via Flickr

North Carolina does not offer an annual pass. Fees vary from park to park; some are free, some charge entrance fees, and some have extra fees for camping, boating, and other activities. View their official website to find what, if any, fees are associated with the park you want to visit.

North Dakota State Parks

An annual vehicle permit is available that allows for unlimited entry into any state park. Annual permits may be purchased at the entrance station or park offices or online. A discounted annual permit is also available to ND residents that are senior citizens or are disabled veterans.

Ohio State Parks

Irwin Prairie Nature Preserve, Ohio
© Benimoto via Flickr

Ohio does not have an annual pass and does not charge entrance fees to state parks. Camping fees can be discounted if you hold a "Golden Buckeye" card, which is available to resident senior citizens.

Oklahoma State Parks

Okmulgee State Park, Oklahoma
© FreeWine via Flickr

Oklahoma does not have an annual pass program. Resident and non-resident senior citizens receive a discount on overnight stays, and resident senior citizens have the day-use and entry fees waived. Disabled persons are also entitled to a 50% discount on camping fees.

Oregon State Parks

Ecola State Park, Oregon
© Matt McGee via Flickr

Oregon offers a 12- and a 24-month day-use pass that gives unlimited entry to any of the hundreds of day-use parks in the state. Fees are also waived for disabled veterans and for active military on leave.

Pennsylvania State Parks

Leonard Harrison State Park, Pennsylvania
© Navin75 via Flickr

Pennsylvania does not offer an annual pass of any kind. Entrance to parks are free, but there are fees for a variety of other activities, which are detailed on the official state park website.

Rhode Island State Parks

Colt State Park, Rhode Island
© sjwillis via Flickr

Rhode Island offers an annual pass that allows for unlimited entry to any of the beaches in the state park system.

South Carolina State Parks

Devils Fork State Park, South Carolina
© scmikeburton via Flickr

The South Carolina "Park Passport" entitles the owners to free and unlimited entry into all South Carolina State Parks that charge an entrance fee. The hangtag pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be transferred from one vehicle to another. The pass can be bought online or by visiting a South Carolina state park office.

A "Palmetto Pass" is also available to senior citizens, blind, or disabled residents of South Carolina and offers the same access as the Park Passport at half the price.

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