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Top 5 State Parks to Visit During Fall


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Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama
The autumn moon shines over a calm lake at Oak Mountain State Park.

A calm and tranquil autumn evening in Alabama.

© Southernpixel via Flickr

Perhaps a surprising pick, Alabama offers not only amazing displays of fall foliage, but it also has a multitude of spots for spectators to enjoy. As the state’s largest park, Oak Mountain State Park boats over 9,900 acres of abundantly green valleys, much of it quipped with peaks of pines. Colors shout from all directions and on many trails visitors find themselves completely immersed in foliage.

Check out Green Trail if you are looking for a splendid route to the summit of Oak Mountain. The trail takes you through a Longleaf Pine forest, named for the trees that once ruled the land. These pines grow throughout southeast U.S., but need fire to recruit young trees. And as fires are not very frequent in the park, the pines may disappear completely, all to be replaced by hardwood trees.

If the majestic scenery isn’t enough, the park also features a stunning 65-foot waterfall known as Peavine Falls. Almost all of the trails in the park eventually pass the falls, which provides a great spot to stop for lunch or even rock climbing.

Oak Mountain State Park offers camping, boating, hiking, and fishing, allowing for a relaxing getaway. Plan your trip during the months of October-November and you will be stunned at the park’s lush autumn landscape.

Plan your trip at Oak Mountain State Park.

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