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Top 5 State Parks to Visit During Fall


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Put Down That Pumpkin and Pick Up Your Camera
A view of a leaves bursting with the colors of fall.

State parks offer some of the best places to view the colors of autumn.

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Fall is beloved for a number of reasons: The return of football, a chance to preserve homegrown veggies, the opportunity to break out favorite sweaters, and of course, Halloween. But even if dressing up as your favorite movie character and increasing your chances for a cavity isn’t all that appealing, it is hard to deny the most popular reason to relish the autumn months—Fall foliage.

There is something intoxicating about the hues of autumn—bold crimson forests with splashes of orange, gold, and emerald create one of nature’s most magnificent backdrops. It’s as if each tree comes to life, showcasing its personality through vivid colors. Lucky for you, this show is free. With 3,675 designated state parks in the U.S., it may seem overwhelming to find the best destinations for the most anticipated seasonal displays, but worry no more. Continue to view the top picks for a fun-filled, foliage weekend.

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