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Top National Park in the East: Acadia National Park
Autumn Foliage in Acadia National Park, Maine

Autumn Foliage in Acadia National Park, Maine

© Dana Moos via Flickr

Although Acadia is one of the smallest national parks, it boasts some of the largest attractions. Whale watching along the coast is undeniably memorable. As is summitting Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak of the park. And while hiking along the jagged coastline is appealing, relaxing on Maine’s sandy beach can be just as rewarding. Those who visit are also encouraged to step outside the park walls. Quaint towns full of seaside folk can charm even the grumpiest of tourists. Spend an afternoon shopping for lobster ice cream or nautical antiques, and finish the day with a hike picking fresh blueberries.

Acadia makes the list by taking the grandeur of western national parks and mixing in the serenity of the eastern coastline.

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