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Top National Parks to Get Heat Stroke


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Heat cramps
Top National Parks to Get Heat Stroke
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What are heat cramps? This can happen when you sweat a lot during strenuous activity.

What are the symptoms of heat cramps? Cramps will occur as muscle pains or spasms - usually in the abdomen, arms, or legs.

What is the treatment for heat cramps? Stop all activity, and sit quietly in a cool place. Make sure to drink water or a sports beverage. Even if the cramps go away, don’t return to strenuous activity for a few hours. And if the heat cramps last for more than an hour, seek medical attention.

Now that you know what conditions may occur in extreme temperatures, check out which parks pose the highest risks. And remember, although conditions like heat stroke, dehydration, or heat exhaustion seem scary, they are very preventable and treatable.

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