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Top National Parks to Get Heat Stroke


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How you can prevent heat-related conditions
Top National Parks to Get Heat Stroke
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What makes for the perfect summer vacation? Time with family and friends? Afternoons of swimming and hiking? Evenings of campfires and making S’mores? It’s pretty hard to get it wrong when it comes to summer fun. And yet one of the most important factors of summer fun also happens to be one of the most dangerous: the sun.

While the sun can make for the most beautiful day, is can raise temperatures so high that it can become quite dangerous to be outdoors. And since many people who visit national parks are out and about hiking, biking, swimming, and more, physical excursion mixed with high temperatures can sneak up causing major problems. Conditions like heat stroke (also known as heat exhaustion), dehydration, and heat cramps can be life-threatening if you don’t know how to treat them or how to prevent them. Learn more about how to recognize the symptoms and which parks hold the highest chances of heat-related conditions.

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