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Missouri National Parks

California National Historic Trail

The road to California carried over 250,000 gold-seekers & farmers to the gold fields & rich farmlands of California during the 1840's and 1850's - the greatest mass migration in American history. More than 1,000 miles of trail ruts and traces can still be seen in the vast undeveloped west - reminders of the sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs of early American travelers and settlers.

George Washington Carver National Monument

This public memorial was created to recognize the outstanding achievements of George Washington Carver as a scientist, educator, and humanitarian.

Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Known as the "Summer White House" during the Truman Administration, it was the home of the 33rd President from 1919 until his death in 1972.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Located on St. Louis' Mississippi riverfront, park memorializes Jefferson and others who directed territorial advancement as symbolized in the gateway arch.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

In their search for a water route to the Pacific Ocean, Lewis & Clark opened a window onto the west for the young United States.

Oregon National Historic Trail

As the harbinger of America's westward expansion, the Oregon Trail was the pathway to the Pacific for fur traders, gold seekers, missionaries and others.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

The nation's first scenic riverways include 134 miles of the Current and Jacks Fork rivers, which provide opportunities for tubing, fishing, and swimming.

Pony Express National Historic Trail

The Pony Express NHT was used by young men on fast horses to carry the nation's mail from Missouri to California in the unprecedented time of only ten days. The relay system became the nation's most direct and practical means of east-west communications before the telegraph, and it played a vital role in aligning California with the Union in the years just before the Civil War.

Santa Fe National Historic Trail

Take a journey between western Missouri and Santa Fe on the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. You'll find adventure and evidence of past travelers who made this remarkable trip before you!

Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail

Come on a journey to remember and commemorate the survival of the Cherokee people despite their forced removal from their homelands in the Southeastern United States in the 1830s.

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

Ulysses S. Grant lived on this Saint Louis County estate in the years before the Civil War.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

The battle fought here on August 10, 1861, was the first major Civil War engagement west of the Mississippi River.

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