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Idaho National Parks

California National Historic Trail

The road to California carried over 250,000 gold-seekers & farmers to the gold fields & rich farmlands of California during the 1840's and 1850's - the greatest mass migration in American history. More than 1,000 miles of trail ruts and traces can still be seen in the vast undeveloped west - reminders of the sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs of early American travelers and settlers.

City of Rocks National Reserve

Scenic granite spires and sculptured rock formations dominate this landscape, which offers opportunities for rock climbing and camping.

Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

Protects a stunning array of volcanic features and hosts a number of plants and animals adapted to live in the harsh volcanic and high desert environment.

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

Protects world's richest known fossil deposits from the late Pliocene epoch, 3.5 million years ago, and includes large concentration of Hagerman Horse fossils.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

In their search for a water route to the Pacific Ocean, Lewis & Clark opened a window onto the west for the young United States.

Minidoka Internment National Monument

The 73-acre site in south-central Idaho commemorates the relocation during World War II of Japanese-American citizens and resident aliens of Japanese ancestry who were ordered out of their homes as a security measure.

Nez Perce National Historical Park

The 38 sites of the park in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington preserve and interpret the history of the Nez Perce people.

Oregon National Historic Trail

As the harbinger of America's westward expansion, the Oregon Trail was the pathway to the Pacific for fur traders, gold seekers, missionaries and others.

Yellowstone National Park

Mixing geothermal activity with the natural world of the Wild West, America's first National Park exemplifies iconic Americana.

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