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Best Tennessee State Parks to Visit in the Winter


Best Tennessee State Parks to Visit in the Winter

Cabin at Roan Mountain State Park - courtesy of Tennessee State Parks

The Top Choices Offer the Highest Waterfall East of the Rockies, a Top Bass Fishing Area, and Outstanding Mountain Scenery.

Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park

Park is one of the most scenic and spectacular recreation areas in the state. Its waterfalls, cascades, sparkling streams, gorges, timberland, and an unmatched variety of recreation facilities and activities have made it one of the most popular parks in the Southeast. Fall Creek Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, plunging 256 feet into a shaded pool at the base of its gorge. The park's other falls (Piney, Cane Creek, and Cane Creek Cascades), though smaller, are just as impressive. For several years Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park has been listed as one of the top five parks in the United States by Southern Living Magazine. The park’s beauty has much to offer in every season.

Tims Ford State Park

Located on the Tims Ford Reservoir in the rolling hills of southern middle Tennessee, Tims Ford State Park is an outstanding recreational area and fishing paradise. Long before the construction of Tims Ford Dam on the headwaters of the Elk River, the area was used extensively by the Indians as a hunting and fishing territory. Archeological excavations uncovered numerous artifacts and occupational sites, indicating that man had occupied the area as much as 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. The 10,700-acre Tims Ford Lake is one of the most picturesque in Tennessee and is regarded as one of the top bass fishing and recreational lakes in the Southeast. The wintertime especially offers an incredible amount of wildlife viewing.

Roan Mountain State Park

Park contains 2,006 acres nestled in the foot slopes of Roan Mountain. High mountain peaks, such as The Roan, with an elevation of 6,285 feet, form a backdrop to the Park. To add to the beauty even more, 10 miles of Grassy Balds, the longest anywhere in the world, stretch from Caver's Gap on The Roan north to Big Hump Mountain. In the wintertime you cannot beat the sight of the mountain peaks at Roan Mountain State Park or enjoy some time in a cabin nestled in the woods.

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