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Best Kansas State Parks to Visit in the Winter


The Top Choices Feature Wintering Bald Eagles, Ice Fishing, and Wildlife Viewing Opportunities.

Kansas state parks are all open year-round and offer a variety of opportunities for winter recreation. Camping is available, although cold weather may mean that water is not available at the campsite. All fees remain in effect year-round. Three very diverse parks that deserve top mention are Milford, Webster and Prairie Dog.

Winter in Hawaii is marked by more rain, higher surf, and shorter days but the parks remain open for sight-seeing, hiking, picnicking, camping, and beach-going. Use caution when hiking as trails may be wet and muddy. Exercise beach and water safety during the winter months as waves and current can be especially dangerous.

Milford State Park

Milford State Park, located near Junction City, rests in the middle of one the state's largest public areas -- an 18,000-acre wildlife area operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Park is a haven for wintering bald (and sometimes golden) eagles and a variety of other wildlife. An extensive network of trails makes access to wildlife in its natural habitat easy.

Webster State Park

Webster State Park is split between the north and south shores of Webster Reservoir. It has sections of the park open to hunting of waterfowl, upland game, turkey and deer in season. When the weather has been cold enough for a long enough period, ice fishing is an option at Webster, as it is at many of other state parks in Kansas.

Prairie Dog State Park

Prairie Dog State Park is located on the shores of Keith Sebelius Reservoir in northwest Kansas. It offers excellent ice fishing when conditions are right. Wildlife viewing is another plus at Prairie Dog, including the namesake prairie dog town on sunny days.

Eagles and other normally migratory birds often winter over in Kansas, or at least stay around until winter hits in earnest. When the weather is mild, wildlife can be quite active preparing for those times when the weather turns extreme. Park permits are available at reduced rates prior to April 1, making winter visits a great bargain.

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