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Indiana's Most Scenic and Roads and Byways


Historic National Road - Indiana

America's first interstate highway, the National Road was built to to link the people and cities along the Eastern seaboard to those on the frontiers west of the Allegheny Mountains. Authorized by Congress in 1806, construction of the road began in Cumberland, Maryland in 1811. The road reached Vandalia, then the Illinois state capitol, in 1839 and later was completed to the Illinois border at East Saint Louis, opening a link to the water route of the Mississippi.

Spanning the breadth of the state, the Indiana section of the National Road follows Highway 40 right through the heart of Indiana and its capital, Indianapolis. Points of interest include: Antique Alley, featuring more than 900 antique dealers in a 33-mile stretch; Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Richmond Railroad Depot Historic District.

Start and Endpoint: The 824-mile east/west route runs from Baltimore, Maryland, to the Mississippi River at the Eads Bridge in East Saint Louis, Illinois. It crosses six states: Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. The 156-mile Indiana section of the road follows US 40 from Richmond, near the Ohio border, to West Terre Haute, near the Illinois border.

For further information, contact: Indiana National Road Association

Ohio River Scenic Byway - Indiana

Byway winds across Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, telling the story of the Ohio River, which has shaped the landscape, people, and economics of the region since its beginning 10,000 years ago. The Indiana section parallels the Ohio River, passing through the hills and farmlands of the southern part of the state. Areas of interest include: Howard Steamboat Museum, Carnegie Center for Art and History, Lincoln's Boyhood National Monument, and the Hoosier National Forest, which offers opportunities for hiking, sailing, boating, fishing, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Start and Endpoint: The entire byway is 943 miles in length. The 303-mile Indiana section of the byway extends from Lawrenceberg on US 50 over US 56, 62, 66 and I-164 to the Illinois state border.

For further information, contact: Ohio River Scenic Route, Inc.

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