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Most Romantic Getaways in National Parks


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Acadia National Park
The sun sets over Bar Harbor, Maine

The sun sets over Bar Harbor, Maine

© Diana Moos via Flickr.

Quaint. Adorable. Charming. These are the best words to describe your romantic getaway in Acadia National Park. Not only can you get a fun-filled park vacation, you can also get away to one of the most charming seaside towns on the east coast.

Within Acadia, you and your loved one can choose from all the typical and enjoyable park activities: hiking, camping, bird watching, biking, and more. For a secluded moment, try taking a blanket and hike to the top of Cadillac Mountain for a romantic sunset (or sunrise). You may also enjoy a stroll along the coastline. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to see a whale in the distance! (You may also want to check out whale tours that are afford in town.)

Be sure to step outside of the park and into Bar Harbor to experience the quaint seaside town. Locals are extremely nice and welcoming, and it’s a great town to do a little shopping. It’s also a great spot for a warm cup of lobster bisque! (Or lobster ice cream if you’re feeling adventurous!)

Acadia is a great weekend getaway full of charm that will have you and your loved one feeling cozy and relaxed.

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