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Plan Your Next National Parks Vacation


All across the country, park offer an affordable, exciting, adventurous, and even relaxing destination for a vacation. Here, you can find the tools you need to take the stress out of planning your trip. Whether you need advice on a tent or ideas of things to do with your kids, you can find it here.
  1. Beginner Tips Before You Travel
  2. Find A National Park By Type
  3. Find A Park For A Specific Holiday or Event
  1. Find A National Park By Interest
  2. Best Parks By Season
  3. Gear Advice

Beginner Tips Before You Travel

Before you head out into the parks, be sure to check out this section. Here, you will find useful tips like where to get a parks pass or what to do an an emergency. Being prepared is the first step to a fun and safe vacation.

Find A National Park By Type

Federal Hall National Memorial, New York City

Looking for top national parks? Or how about the most family-friendly state parks? Here, you can explore all types of national parks, including historical, military, recreation, and more.

Find A Park For A Specific Holiday or Event

Throughout the year, the parks offer special events for specific holidays, awareness months, and other important times. Learn where to go, how the special day or event is celebrated, and what to expect.

Find A National Park By Interest

With parks all over the country, each offers its own speciality. Looking for the best places to ski or horseback ride? Find out where to travel for your specific hobby or interest.

Best Parks By Season

Mount McKinley, Denali National Park, Alaska

Each season brings with it new and exciting activities. And the parks offer the perfect venue for each. Whether you're looking for fall foliage or spring wildflowers, these top picks will have you making the most of the year.

Gear Advice

Need help finding the best tent or sleeping bag? Not sure what hiking boots are right for you? Find out all that and more right here!

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