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Top 10 National Parks to Visit During Spring


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Redwood National Park, California
Redwoods National Park, California

Redwoods National Park, California

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Take the beauty of the country's tallest trees, add in a forest of wildflowers, and sprinkle in sightings of whales and other wildlife, and you've got Redwood National Park in the springtime.

Spring reveals that feeling of hope, rebirth, and growth. Everywhere you look in this California national park is in bloom. The tall trees are bursting with green and the forests seem full of life. An afternoon hike can take you to another land, one far from the stress of everyday life. In April in May, forest floors are crawling with bright violets, trilliums, and rhododendrons. And the kids will love looking for banana slugs during the days - harmless and a little gross, they grab attention with their chubby, yellow bodies.

Be sure to step out of the forest for a real treat - whale watching! In early spring, migrating gray whales can be spotted along the coast - an ideal spot to let calves rest. Be sure to pack the binoculars!

If the sheer beauty and magnitude of Redwood National Park doesn't excite you enough, you may also be happy to know that the park is less crowded in the spring. So avoid the heat and the crowds by planning your next trip sometime from February through May.

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