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Top 10 National Parks to Visit During Spring


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Joshua Tree National Park, California
Joshua Tree, sunrise, Mojave Desert, California

Joshua Tree, sunrise, Mojave Desert, California

© steveberardi via Flickr

When viewed from afar, Joshua Tree National Park seems like long stretch of quiet desert. In fact, many visitors are surprised to find that the park is full of vitality. While the park is full of history and amazing geology, springtime brings out the best of the best.

During late February, the trees that gave the park its name begin to bloom with their large, creamy flowers. The rest of the park follows with annual flowers popping up along all elevations. One April and May roll around, the cacti are bursting with bright flowers. Joshua Tree National Park quickly becomes a desert in bloom.

Spring also happens to be the best season for birdwatching. While the year-round residents of the park are exciting to see, springtime brings even more birds into the area, many in transient or getting ready to nest. For birds, Joshua Tree offers a relaxing warm home, away from the harsh weathers during migration. Average temperatures reach as high as 85 degrees in the afternoon and 50 in the evenings.

So what's not to love? Perfect temperatures, bird watching, and a desert land of wildflowers in bloom. Sounds pretty awesome.

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