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National Parks For Mother's Day


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Find the perfect park this Mother's Day
National Parks For Mother's Day
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Each year it seems to be more of a challenge to find my mother the perfect Mother's Day gift. Flowers don't last, chocolates always seem to get eaten by people other than my mom, and jewelry can be tricky. I will say, I really nailed it one year with a hand-painted mug. Regardless, I got to thinking - why not DO something with mom rather than buying something. I mean, quality time is worth more than any gift I could find.

And so my own idea got me thinking, why not help others find something fun to do with their mom? When I say that the parks are a perfect local to spend Mother's Day, don't shrug it off just yet. Even if your mom doesn't like to camp or hike, it doesn't mean the parks don't have something else to offer. In fact, parks offer much more than pretty scenery and physical activities. Check out this list of suggested parks based on what kind of mom you have.

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