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Parks by Interest

Looking for the park that offers the best of the best in a specific activity like mountain biking or bird watching? Top picks, suggested itineraries, maps, and more are a click away for all your planning needs.
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Best Parks for Independence Day
Check out the best parks for the 4th of July and learn about the history of our nation, while having a great time outdoors.

Top National Parks to Visit in Summer
You can go to just about any national park and have a great time, but if you're looking for the places that offer a unique and exciting trip during the summer months, check out the these top national parks.

National Parks For Mother's Day
Even if your mom doesn't like to camp or hike, it doesn't mean the parks don't have something else to offer. In fact, parks offer much more than pretty scenery and physical activities. Check out this list of suggested parks based on what kind of mom you have.

Top 10 National Parks to Visit During Spring
These National Parks reach their peak during spring - crowds are just right, wildlife is blooming, and the park is as it meant to be seen. Learn which parks pop in the springtime and start planning the first trip of the season now!

Best National Parks in Winter
All of the national parks deserve a visit, but a few beg to toured in the winter. These parks offer a unique perspective of their land and seasonal activities to entertain the whole family.

What is Your Favorite Dog-Friendly park?
Share your favorite park to bring your dog to, and learn about others!

U.S. National Park Locator

With 391 different units, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Below you'll find links that make it easier to find which park your looking for, so you can start planning your next trip!

Top Five Dog-Friendly National Parks
Dog-owners have to be a little more creative with their destinations. Check out these national parks for a dog-friendly vacation.

Find A Park
Search for parks by name, location, activity, or topic

GORP's Top 10 National Parks for Biking

Pet-Friendly State Parks
Find pet-friendly parks in any state of the US.

Best Places to Ski in the Backcountry

The Top Ten Place To Climb In Our National Parks

What's Your Favorite National Park?
About.com readers share their favorite national parks. Check out the favorites and the stories behind them. Perhaps it will inspire you to hit the road! See submissions

National Parks for Disabled Visitors
When you think of the national parks, you typically envision hiking through the woods, laughing around a campfire, swimming in a lake, and other iconic activities. But for those who are disabled, there s much more to think about. Can Visitor Centers and other places of interest be reached by wheelchair ramps? Is lodging handicap-accessible? Are tours available to the disabled?? But having a di…

Top National Parks for Disabled Visitors
View the top National Parks for disabled visitors.

Celebrating Halloween 2011 in the National Parks
This is a great time of year. Not only do the parks come alive with bright fall foliage , but the parks also come alive with Halloween activities fun for the whole family. And let s face it, Halloween is a pretty awesome holiday. Dress up and buckets of candy? Simply awesome. Check out some of the fun events planned across the country fun...

Best Parks for Veteran's Day
These national parks not only offer fun and historic activities for the whole family but also preserve the importance of Veteran’s Day.

Best National Parks for Beach Lovers
If you want day so relaxing in the sand under the warm sun, there are a few national parks right up your ally.

National Parks For Father’s Day
This year, take your dad’s advice and save your money. Instead, take dad to a national park for some quality time together. You can enjoy the outdoors together, partake in activities like hiking, fishing, or camping, and perhaps even start a Father’s Day tradition.

Tips For Traveling to the National Parks With Kids
Driving long hours, sometimes to another state, with kids in tow doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, with a little planning taking a trip to a national or state park can be a great family activity.

Best National Parks For Bird Watching
National Parks are perfect for bird watching. You can find native or migratory birds all over the United States. Check out these top parks that offer the best of bird watching.

Best National Parks For Kids
Looking for a great vacation destination for the kids? Try the national parks! Parks offer numerous opportunities to hike, camp, hike, and explore wildlife.

Best Parks for New Year’s Eve
If you want to avoid crowded bars, loud parties, and waking up the next morning with a headache, consider the national parks for an unforgettable New Year’s.

Best National Parks for Solitude
Check out these National Parks for the best opportunity for solitude and a stress-free escape.

Best National Parks for Christmas
The national parks offer a beautiful escape from the stress and an opportunity to bring you back down to what is really important. This year, consider this picturesque winter wonderlands that are a perfect place to celebrate the holidays.

Top National Parks for Memorial Day
While you enjoy the long weekend, consider taking your vacation at one of the many national parks that celebrates and honors the heroes of Memorial Day.

Plan Your Next National Parks Vacation
Plan Your Next National Parks Vacation

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