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Mountain Lion Photo Gallery


Welcome to the photo gallery on wild cats of the US and Canadian national parks. In this gallery you'll find mountain lion photos. The mountain lion, North America's largest member of the cat family, goes by a number of different names, including cougar, puma, catamount, Florida panther, and screamer. Although the mountain lion has the largest range of any wild land animal in the Americas, this elusive carnivore is rarely spotted, particularly among any of the frontcountry trails at the national parks. Conservation threats to the species include persecution as a nuisance animal, degradation and fragmentation of their habitat, and depletion of their food supply. I hope these images will help you to gain an appreciation of this magnificent wild cat.

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Mountain lion in forestMountain lion standing on rocky ledgeMountain lion in the snowMountain lion along rock outcropping
Mountain lion in snowMountain lion on rocky groundMountain lion in pondProwling big cat
Closeup of mountain lionMountain lion at nightMountain lion on the runFlorida panther

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