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Russell Cave National Monument


Russell Cave National Monument

courtesy of the National Park Service

How to Get to Russell Cave National Monument:

Russell Cave National Monument is located eight miles west of Bridgeport, Alabama, in the northeast corner of the state, just south of the Tennessee state line.

Recommended Sites Near Russell Cave National Monument:

Site 44 of the North Alabama Birding Trail is located at Russell Cave National Monument, where researchers have identified more than 115 species of birds. Visitors can hike the 1.2-mile loop trail, which features steep terrain.

Park Size:

310 acres.


Thousands of Archaic sites have been identified and uncovered throughout the southeastern United States, ranging from permanent cave dwellings to campfire remains. Russell Cave National Monument offers one of the largest and most complete archeological records of human habitation in this part of the country, dating back more than 10,000 years. The cave itself is one of the most extensive in the state and contains seven miles of mapped passageways.

Things to Do at Russell Cave National Monument:

Park rangers offer guided tours into the mouth of the cave shelter and offer tools and weapons demonstrations. The visitor center museum includes a display of artifacts, including weapons, tools, pottery, and jewelry and the visitor center theater offers several short videos. Outside the cave, hiking is permitted along a 1.2-mile trail along Montague Mountain and on a self-guided, 0.6-mile trail, featuring plants used by the cave's inhabitants. There are picnic tables that are available to all visitors. The annual Native American Festival is held the first weekend in May and features demonstrations of skills used by early inhabitants of the area, including basket weaving, pottery and bow making, hide tanning, and flint napping. For further information, contact: Russell Cave National Monument at (256) 495-2672 or the National Caves Association at (866) 552-2837. For information on other nearby points of attraction contact Alabama State Parks Division at (800) 252-7275 or Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel at (800) 252-2262.

Operating Hours:

The Park is open year round, seven days a week, with the exception of New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Russell Cave was established as a national monument in 1961, when 310 acres donated by the National Geographic Society were set aside to protect the site and its surroundings.

Contact the Park:

Russell Cave National Monument
3729 County Road 98
Bridgeport, AL 35740
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