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Capulin Volcano National Monument


Capulin Volcano National Monument

courtesy of the National Park Service

Capulin Volcano rises steeply from the surrounding grassland plains to an elevation of 8,182 feet above sea level, providing panoramic views of the volcanic field and distant snow-capped mountains. The large volcanic field surrounding the monument contains at least 100 recognizable volcanic features and provides park visitors with insights into 10 million years of the geological history of northern New Mexico.

How to Get to Capulin Volcano National Monument:

The National Monument is located in the northeastern corner of New Mexico. Park entrance is via NM 325, 3 miles north of the town of Capulin. Capulin is 58 miles west of Clayton on US 64 and 87, and 30 miles east of Raton and I-25.

Park Size:

793 acres.


This symmetrical cinder cone is an interesting example of a geologically recent, inactive volcano. A trail leads from the summit down to the vent at the bottom of the crater, offering visitors an unusual opportunity to see the inside of a volcano.

Things to Do at Capulin Volcano National Monument:

The visitor center contains exhibits about geology, natural history and human history of Capulin Volcano. A ten-minute video shown in the Visitor Center auditorium details the story of Capulin's eruption and the surrounding Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field. A short Nature Trail is adjacent to the Visitor Center. The Volcano Road, which leads to the rim, is approximately two miles long. Trailers, towed vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians are prohibited because the road is narrow and has no shoulders. The Crater Rim Trail is one mile and the Crater Vent Trail is 0.2 miles. The Lava Flow Trail at the base of the volcano is one mile. During the summer, 15-minute ranger programs are offered several times each day.

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Contact the Park:

Capulin Volcano National Monument
PO Box 40
Capulin, NM 88414

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