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Civil War Information Resources

Associations, roundtables, timelines, and other information resources on the Civil War.
Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites
Founded in 1987, APCWS is a non-profit organization concerned with the preservation and protection of civil war sites through the purchase of property or negotiation of protective easements.
Battle of First Manassas
Also known as the Battle of Bull Run, it was the first large-scale battle of the Civil War. Site includes a battle description (with a Confederate slant) and official records of the leaders.
Battle of Second Manassas
Also known as the Second Battle of Bull Run. Site includes campaign description, events summary, Lee's campaign, Fitz-John Porter court martial, and official records of the leaders.
Civil War Home Page
Features extensive links including diaries and letters, photographs, poetry and music, and a list of bed & breakfasts located near Civil War sites.
Civil War Network
Features information on the battles, the personalities, state battle maps, battle statistics, women in the war, and a people search.
Civil War Records
Resources for researching the military service of individual Civil War soldiers from the National Archives and Records Administration.
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
Contains basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War, linked to other historical information. Sponsored by the National Park Service and partnering agencies.
Civil War Round Tables
A list of Civil War round table web sites from AOL; arranged by state.
Civil War Time Line
Includes synopses of events during the Civil War, presented chronologically. Sponsored by the Civil War Network.
First Manassas Online Tour
From the National Park Service.
Friends of the Manassas National Battlefield Park
Concerned with preserving the park and promoting community involvement and volunteerism.
National Civil War Museum
Museum in Harrisburg, PA, that attempts to portray a balanced presentation of the Civil War that is humanistic in nature, without bias to Union or Confederate causes.
More than 500 photographs of the leaders and sites associated with the Civil War, by Robert Koch.
This Week in the Civil War
Includes day-by-day headlines on the Civil War.
United States Civil War Center
A Department of the Louisiana State University Libraries, center promotes the study of the Civil War and maintains an extensive collection of resources. 

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