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Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site  

Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site 
courtesy of the Library of Congress

Contact Information:
Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site   
7400 Grant Road
St. Louis, MO 63123 

Size: 10 acres

Location: Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site is located on Grant Rd., off Route 30 (Gravois Rd.), in south Saint Louis County, Missouri.

Description: Site includes a portion of the 1,100-acre plantation where Ulysses S. Grant lived during the 1850s. Although Grant never returned as a permanent resident during the Civil War and his Presidency, he bought the property in 1863 from his father-in-law, Frederick Dent, and held it until a few months before his death in 1885. Five historic structures of Grant's home, known as "White Haven," remain, including a two-story residence, a barn, and a stone building believed to have housed Grant's father-in-law's slaves. Property was originally purchased by the Dent family in 1821.

Activities: Self-guided tours, ranger-led interpretive programs.

Operating Hours
: Daily except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

: Established on October 3, 1989. 

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