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Environmental Conservation Organizations (A-C)


Environmental conservation organizations and agencies are listed alphabetically by name. See separate web page for listing of organizations concerned specifically with parks and public lands, water resources, or wildlife protection.

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America the Beautiful Fund
Non-profit organization concerned with assisting community-level programs and projects to save the natural and historic environment.

American Land Conservancy
Non-profit organization working in partnership with communities, private landowners, local land trusts, public land agencies, and elected officials to create effective conservation solutions for threatened land and water resources.

American Public Information for the Environment
Provides information about environmental quality, protection of natural resources and promotion of environmental health for all elements of the biotic community.

Center for Environmental Information
Provides information, publications, and educational programs to advance public understanding of environmental issues.

Center for Plant Conservation
Dedicated to conserving rare plants native to the US through a collaborative national program of offsite plant conservation, research, and education.

Colorado Environmental Coalition
Grassroots citizen’s group concerned with protecting Colorado’s lands.

Conservation International
Concerned with protecting the Earth's biologically richest areas and helping people who live there improve their quality of life.

Council on Environmental Quality
Assists in the development of environmental policies and proposed legislation, and identifies, assesses, and reports on trends in environmental quality.

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