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National Battlefields 

The general title of Battlefield includes national battlefield, as well as national battlefield park, national battlefield site, and national military park. At present, there are 11 national battlefields in the National Park System.

Antietam National Battlefield
General Lee's first invasion of the North was ended here on September 17th, 1862, in a battle that resulted in more than 23,000 men killed, wounded, and missing.

Big Hole National Battlefield
Nez Perce Indians and U.S. Army troops fought here in a five month conflict that came to be called the Nez Perce War of 1877.

Cowpens National Battlefield
Commemorates a decisive Revolutionary War victory by the army of Daniel Morgan over Banastre Tarleton and his British troops on January 17, 1781.

Fort Donelson National Battlefield
First major victory for the Union Army in the Civil War occurred here in February of 1862 under the command of Ulysses S. Grant. National Cemetery adjoins the park.

Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Colonial troops led by 22-year-old Colonel George Washington were defeated here in the opening battle of the French and Indian War on July 3, 1754.

Monocacy National Battlefield
Known as the "Battle That Saved Washington", the battle of Monocacy on July 9, 1864, marked the last campaign of the Confederacy to carry the war into the north.

Moores Creek National Battlefield
Commemorates the February 27, 1776, Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, the first decisive Patriot victory of the Revolutionary War.

Petersburg National Battlefield
Setting for the longest siege in American history (9 1/2 months) when General Grant failed to capture Richmond in the spring of 1864.

Stones River National Battlefield
Civil War battle that took place at Stones River between December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1863 allowed the Union army to control middle Tennessee.

Tupelo National Battlefield
Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest tried to cut the railroad supplying the Unions march on Atlanta here on July 13-14, 1864.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
The battle fought here on August 10, 1861, was the first major Civil War engagement west of the Mississippi River.

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